Who can use the Unio Care app?

Learn about who can use the Unio Care app, and what the requirements for becoming an authorized user are.

I. Contents:

II. Authorized Users

Unio Care’s full set of features can be utilized by the families and caretakers of the residents at our partner facilities. In order to create an account and receive a personal invite code to connect to your loved one's care profile, your loved one or their responsible party must have signed our authorization form with you as an authorized user.

An authorized user is any emergency contact, caregiver, and/or family member on file with the facility that a resident has requested to share their care profile with.

Your loved one's facility must have a valid email address on file for you as a contact for an invite code to be sent to you. If the facility does not have your contact information, has outdated contact information, or you are unsure what information you gave, please contact the facility.

III. How do I become an authorized user?

Family members who wish to become authorized users must first confirm that they are listed as emergency contacts for their loved one. If you are not currently listed as an emergency contact, please contact your loved one's facility.

To become an authorized user and access your loved one's care information, your loved one must sign our Unio Care authorization form. This form is generally given to residents when they are admitted to a facility. 

Once your loved one has filled out this authorization form, it must be given to their care provider. It may take up to 72 hours to verify the information you have submitted in your request. If you do not receive an email confirmation after 72 hours, please contact the Unio Support Team at families@uniocare.com.

IV. Receiving Your Invite Code

Once your user authorization is verified, you will receive an invitation email from Unio with the subject line “You're Invited to the Unio Care app.”

If you do not see this email, please double-check your spam folder and confirm that the email address you created your Unio Care account is the same email address you gave your loved one’s facility as your contact information.