Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn answers to frequently asked questions about Unio and our free mobile app, Unio Care.

What is Unio, and what do you do?

Unio is a healthcare technology company focused on the long-term care community. We help families stay up to date and engaged with their loved one’s healthcare while they are in a care facility with our mobile app, Unio Care.

What does "Unio" mean?

Unio is the Latin word for “union” or “unity.” It is a reference to how we are striving to “unite” the patient, provider, and family with our platform.

What is Unio Care?

Unio Care is our free mobile app that provides family members, caregivers, or other approved users access to their loved one’s health information while they are in a care facility.

Who can use the Unio Care app?

Authorized contacts of residents staying in care facilities are eligible to use our app. Ask your loved one’s care provider at a facility partnered with Unio about becoming an authorized contact.

What devices are the Unio Care app compatible with?

Unio Care is compatible with all iOS and Android phones and tablets. You can find and download our app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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What healthcare systems are Unio compatible with?

We are a proud PointClickCare partner, and we are available to care facilities on their marketplace.

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How does Unio control who accesses protected health information?

Access to health information is controlled through an invite code. When a resident is onboarded to the Unio Care platform, they sign an authorization form that grants permission to a person to access their profile. This person then becomes an authorized user. Afterwards, facilities maintain authorized user access via the invite codes sent on behalf of each resident. This unique code allows approved care members to access their loved one’s care profile.

Is the Unio Care app safe to use?

Yes! Our technology is HIPAA-compliant and secure. We utilize an AWS infrastructure to ensure that health information is protected. If you want to learn more about how we protect your health information, click here.

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I have a question or issue that is not listed here.

We have a support team who is ready to assist you with your questions. Please contact us at with any questions, issues, or concerns you may have.