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Requesting my Invite Code

What is an invite code and how do I get one?

I. What is an invite code?

Invite codes are one-time use and are used to connect a Unio Care account to a resident/patient. Only users who have received and entered a valid invite code will be able to view resident/patient health care information in the Unio Care app.

II. How do I get my invite code?

To receive an invite code, you must:

  1. Tap the "Request invite code" link in the Unio Care app and submit all requested information.

    Request code image
  2. Be listed as an emergency contact with your loved one’s care facility. Not an emergency contact? Please contact your care facility.
  3. Ensure the Unio Authorization Form has been completed by the resident/patient or their legal representative.

💡 Click here, to learn more about the Unio Authorization Form

III. Receiving my invite code

Once your information has been verified and the Unio Authorization Form has been completed, you will receive an invite code via email. This invite code will grant you access to your loved one’s care profile in the Unio Care app.