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Invite Code Overview

Learn what a personal invite code is, and the steps to receive one to connect to your loved one's care profile.

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II. What is a personal invite code?

Your personal invite code is a 5-digit code used to link a loved one’s care profile to a Unio Care account. While anyone can download and register for Unio Care, only users who have received and entered a valid invite code will be able to access a care profile or view any healthcare information.

Invite codes are one-time use, and can only be used on the Unio Care account connected to the email address they were sent to. This is one of the many security features that the Unio Care app utilizes to protect care information.

III. How do I get an invite code?

There are two different approaches to receiving your personal invite code. If your loved one has authorized Unio Care by signing the authorization form upon admission to their care facility and you are listed as an emergency contact or responsible party, you will receive your personal invite code within 72 hours.  If your loved one has not yet authorized Unio Care, you may request to connect to your loved one's care profile within the Unio Care app. 

My loved one has not yet authorized Unio Care.

You can request to connect to your loved one's care profile within the Unio Care app, even if they have not yet authorized Unio Care. Once you submit a request to connect, we will verify the information in the request and prompt your loved one's facility to provide your loved one or their responsible party with the Unio Care authorization form to be completed. 

My loved one authorized Unio Care at admission.

When a resident grants authorization for Unio Care to create a care profile, the email address of the emergency contact, family member, caregiver, and/or responsible party on file is verified by the facility administration.

I've been authorized. Now what?

Once the information has been verified and a signed copy of the authorization form has been sent to us by the facility, an invite code is generated and sent to the authorized user. Authorized users will receive an email with the subject line "You're invited to the Unio Care app."  This email will contain a one-time use invite code that will allow you to access your loved one’s care profile.


VI. Frequently Asked Questions

My loved one has signed the authorization form. Why haven't I received my invite code?

It can take up to 72 hours after the authorization form is completed for an authorized user to be verified. Your invite code will be sent after this verification is complete. If you have still not received your invite code after this time frame, please contact the Unio Care support team at families@uniocare.com.

I am not listed as an emergency contact for my loved one. How can I become an authorized user?

If you are not listed as a responsible party or emergency contact at your loved one's facility, you must contact either your loved one or their legal representative to request you be added on their behalf. 

Why doesn't my invite code work?

For the security and protection of care information, our invite codes are all one-time use and expire after 14 days. Please follow the in-app prompts to have a new invite code sent, or contact our support team at support@uniocare.com.