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Some of our most commonly asked user questions.

Why was my connection request denied?

Here are a few common reasons why your request to connect with a resident’s profile may have been denied.

  • The information you submitted does not match what is on file with the facility
  • You are not listed as an emergency contact for the resident
  • The resident did not grant you authorization to view their information

It’s important to note that repeated failed connection request attempts could result in your account being locked. If you believe that your request was denied in error, contact our support team for assistance.

If you believe your request was denied in error, please contact us.

What should I do if I see an inaccuracy in patient information?

In the event that you notice an inaccuracy in patient information within the Unio Care app, kindly reach out and inform your care facility.

The Unio Care app only displays the health information that is entered by the care facility therefore, only the care facility can edit or change this information.

What devices is Unio Care compatible with?

Unio Care is compatible with all iOS and Android phones and tablets. You can find and download our app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.


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Please be aware that Unio Care is currently not accessible through desktop or web browsers.

Who can see information in the Unio Care app?

Only authorized emergency contacts can see resident/patient health information in the Unio Care app. To be an authorized emergency contact, you must:

  1. Be listed as an emergency contact with the facility.
  2. Your “Request invite code” submission information must be approved.
  3. The Unio Authorization Form must be completed by the resident/patient or their legal representative.
  4. Receive and enter an invite code.

Why haven’t I received my invite code?

If you have already submitted your request for an invite code, ensure that the resident/patient or their legal representative has completed the Unio Authorization Form. Please contact us if these steps have been completed and you still have not received your personal invite code.

I’m not an emergency contact, how do I become one?

If you are not listed as an emergency contact and you would like to become one, please contact your loved one’s care facility.

Changing your email address

In the event that you want to change your email address, you will need to complete the following steps. These steps help ensure that only authorized individuals have access to resident/patient information.

  1. Submit your request to the Unio Team to change your email address, here.
  2. Contact your care facility to update their records with your new email address
  3. Receive an email from the Unio Team regarding your email change request approval/denial.

After receiving your approval, you can log into your Unio Care account with your new email address.